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Production Editor. Documentary Maker . Voice Talent.

I am a seasoned, creative, and passionate feature creator, editor, producer, voice artist, musician, and performer with my own professional editing and production set-up

I am a freelance talent, and split my time between writing, editing, producing features, making TV documentaries,

and voice work in podcast, radio, audiobooks & advertising

Current and Previous Clients include;

Amazon Prime


Visions of War TV

Play Radio

Total Content Digital

The World Superbike Championships

Stylus Groove Records

Rock Review Radio

I am a lifetime performer, experienced in a wide variety of skills which include teaching, training, public speaking, exhibitions, radio, podcast, touring musician, and actor. 

I am based just 45 minutes from central London.


My services include feature creation, film editing, audio mixing, voiceover, voice acting, audiobook narration, studio session work, soundtrack composition and production.

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